The Love Love Golf Summit - What's Not to Love?


The Love Love Golf Summit takes place in Japan... land of the rising sun really cute golf clothes... and as summits go, it's quite unlike anything we have here in the US.

What we're talking about here is a show/fair/convention that celebrates women's golf fashion at its stylish, multichromatic best.  It's part of the Japan Golf Fair, Asia's largest golf industry event.  As you may know from reading this blog I have a particular passion for Japanese golf fashion.  IMHO, When it comes to color, cut, cuteness and sheer creativity the Japanese win by a mile. Or many miles if you consider the sheer volume of brand and the number of styles they offer each season.

As luck would have it, I've got a couple of readers who'll be attending The Love Love Golf Summit this weekend and they've promised to fill me in on what's new and awesome.  I in turn, will expound on their discoveries here and I've no doubt we'll all be impressed.

The 45th Japan Golf Fair 2011- Feb. 18-20 
The Love Love Golf Summit - 2011 Spring - Feb. 19-20