Ryo Ishikawa Shows Amazing Strength at Doral


Here at Golf Girl's Diary our Ryo Ishikawa obsession is well known.

Normally our stories are light-hearted; we write about Ryo's whimsical outfits or his delightfully quirky commercials. He even made a certain Sexiest Men in Golf list recently.

The combination of his stellar on-course accomplishments and his superlative star quality make Ryo Ishikawa a uniquely entertaining professional golfer.

Today however, the eyes of the golf media are collectively focused on Ryo Ishikawa as news of devastating natural disasters in Japan makes its way to our shores and to the fairways of TPC Blue Monster at Doral.

In Miami at the WGC Cadillac Championship... amazingly... the one they call "Hanikami Ōji" heard the devastating news this morning, checked on the safety of his loved ones,  then finished his first round at 7-under 65, in second place.

Ryo has a tough weekend ahead of him as he battles the Blue Monster and deals with the unfolding news of the tragedy in his homeland,  but no matter how the tournament turns out, his strength will surely be an inspiration to his fellow golfers and to golf fans everywhere.

Photo: by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images North America