Once Upon a Time at the Masters

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No matter how wondrous a particular event or experience may be, it seems we're compelled... as 21st century humans... to move on quickly.  These days...with the availability of instant information on almost everything... our attention spans are shorter than ever.

The Masters, despite its otherworldly awesomeness, is not immune to this collective obsession with what's next, and that's where we find ourselves now.

The 2011 Masters has had its four days... its week, if you will... and perhaps more importantly, it had the weeks of anticipation leading to it.  These are the weeks of building excitement, when we discuss various possibilities and speculate on probable outcomes.  Eventually, during these pre-Masters weeks, we wind up reminiscing on past events and experiences, and to that end, I feel I'll have much to write about next year when the fervor for 2012 Masters begins. --->

For now however, I want to tell you about a few of the highlights of my 2011 Masters experience.  It was my first time time at the storied tournament and as such it'll always hold special memories.  I'll post these stories here over the next few days... look for links via Twitter and Facebook.

By now you've read all about the electrifying action on course, so I won't go there.  I'll focus instead on my impressions as a first time visitor... of the course and the people I met there.  These, after all are the elements that make the Masters what it is. 

* The Magic and the Majesty of Augusta National
* Of Pinched Chairs and Lost Husbands
* The Furtive Passing of Plastic Cups
* Luke Donald's Awesome Older Brother
* The Evening Procession of Massive Mowers
* Random Encounters With Patrons
* Spectator Style Sheet
* South Africans Sure know how to Celebrate

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