Golf Writer Celebrates Despite Triple Crown Letdown

Many in the thoroughbred racing world were none too pleased with the outcome of Saturday's race.

It was the Preakness, where the collective hopes of horse racing fans have often been dashed, and Derby winner Animal Kingdom lost by just a half-length, effectively ending all hopes of a 2011 Triple Crown winner.  There hasn't been one of those in over three decades, so when a nervous, overheated chestnut colt named Shackleford refused to give up the lead the mood at Pimlico grew decidedly glum.

However, there's one well known golf writer who wasn't crying into his champagne, and he too goes by the name of Shackleford. Actually, the writer / author / blogger  in question spells his name Shackelford, but like his equine namesake he's often reffered to as Shack.  And what some may not know... yet... is that Geoff Shackelford's latest book is not a golf book, but an extraordinary photographic tribute to Zenyatta, winner of 19 consecutive races, 2010 Eclipse Award "Horse of the Year" and one of the most uniquely endearing race horses of all time.   Zenyatta At Home is the book and it's quite an accomplishment, as it manages to capture the singular spirit of a very special horse.

As for Shackleford the horse, it's unclear whether he'll race at Belmont. Many are hoping he does and I'd guess Shackelford the writer is among them.