Ruling Goes Awry When Golf Cart Malfunctions

"Am I on Candid Camera?"
Warning: The video you're about to see contains scenes that may be disturbing to young or sensitive viewers.

Others however, may not be able to contain their laughter, at least once they hear that "no one was hurt during this ruling other than the golf cart".

The incident took place at a recent LET event, and it all started when Anja Monke's ball landed on the cart path at the Turkish Airlines Turkish Ladies Open. What follows is...  to say the least... unexpected.  Poodle, the stylish golf apparel company and women's golf sponsor, brought the clip to my attention via their facebook page.

The event took place during the first week of May so you may already know the "surprise ending".   But if you don't,  hold onto your golf cap because you're in for a bumpy ride.


  1. Look to me like the dude in the cart put the petal to the metal and had to swerve suddenly to avoid some golfers he hadn't noticed. It could have ended very badly.

  2. I meant pedal, of course. ;)

  3. I agree with you shark, this definitely looks like a case of pilot error.

  4. Something similar happened to me last summer I had to veer off the cart path to avoid a turtle... yes a turtle! I thought it was a rock till I was almost on top of it so I swerved to the side and ended up in the middle of a honeysuckle bush. It was extremely embarrassing but at least the flowers smelled pretty. =:o

  5. I'm guessing the guy was distracted by Anja. She's a looker.


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