The Iceland Open Experience: An Awesome Adventure

Here in CT, we're just coming out of a long, cold winter, so it may seem counterintuitive to be talking about golf in iceland. Or any other place with ice in its name.

However, this is all about planing ahead which is often a good idea when it comes to a golf trip, and the Iceland Open Experience is more than just a golf trip.  In fact, it's a full-on sporting adventure that happens over four days in early October.

The golf takes place at Keilir Golf Course; a Scottish style links course, with nine holes playing directly along the ocean, and nine surrounded by lava fields, making it feel like Hawaii and Scotland rolled into one.

In addition to golf, The Iceland Open Experience includes salmon fishing, geothermal swimming, cave exploring, and glacier snowmobiling... that's what I mean by full-on adventure. There are myriad ways to customize your trip the details of which can be found on the Iceland Open site.

To me it looks like the perfect way to mark the end of an Indian Summer.