Sweet Young Things and a Sexy Campaign to Sell Golf

It was Australian golfer Jan Stephenson who first popularized the idea that LPGA stars should openly embrace a "sex-sells" approach to marketing their game.

A couple of decades later, even though she won many international titles and attained the rank of number one in the world, she is still best known for bringing glamour... and a bathtub full of golf balls... to the ladies game.

Now, the shoe is on the other foot... so to speak... and the normally straight laced PGA of Australia has unveiled photos displaying young male pro golfers wearing... um... precious little in the way of golf apparel. (Those who lament the NASCAR effect will have nothing to complain about here).

Attractive young golfer,  James McLean, pictured above, is one of the poster boys... or should I say, "screen saver" boys for a campaign being called "Pro Golf Exposed".  In some cases it's also being referred to as the "Sweet Young Swings" campaign.

Either way, what's a bit unusual (and rather telling) about this campaign is the audience it's directed at:  Ladies, are you ready to watch these guys play golf?