High Heel Golf Blogger Inspires Rickie Fowler's Ace

Jennifer Harris w/Rickie Fowler via HighHeelGolfer.com
You've probably seen the video of Rickie Fowler's utterly implausible Red Bull ace... the one he hit blind off an elevated tee at Washington D.C.'s Historic Georgetown Waterfront.   If you haven't, you'll want to have a look.  It's quite impressive. To say the least.

The miraculous hole-in-one was hit as part of  "Red Bull Capital Drive" a multi-channel social media campaign that involved Twitter and Foursquare.  Fans were asked to follow "alerts" to find a special flag somewhere in the city.  If they found it they got a golf ball that Rickie would hit... on 106-yard hole with a narrow fairway, and a makeshift island green in the middle of a fountain.  The winner would be the one whose ball ended up closest to the pin.

Well, you now know the outcome, but you may not know the back story.  It took Rickie 6 shot to make the ace, and the ball he made it with just happend to belong to Jennifer Harris the ultra-engaging voice behind HighHeelGolfer, a great new golf blog that presents a truly fresh look at the game.  And those who play it.

Anyway, Jennifer won two free passes to the US Open (she's taking her Dad for Father's Day!) and the hole-in-one ball, signed by the talented Mr. Fowler.  How totally awesome is that?  I'm looking forward to hearing the High Heel Golfer impressions of the action at Colonial and I have no doubt she'll be pulling for Rickie.