Of Rock Canyons & Velvet Fairways - Mesquite Golf

The Covered Wagon at Conestoga Golf Club - Photo: Golf Girl Media

In a lot of ways, Mesquite is quintessentially American.

The town is located about an hour north of Las Vegas, across an expanse of largely uninhabited desert, that makes it seem far more isolated than it actually is.  A jagged silhouette of sandstone peaks is constantly on the horizon, and approaching Mesquite, one can begin to make out the finer details of the etched pink cliffs and rugged rock canyons.

An hint of old west ambiance reigns in Mesquite too.  It's a friendly and casual place, and driving up to the Casablanca Resort and Casino we were impressed by the way a relaxing small town flavor prevailed at this upscale resort with its big city attractions.

Over the next several days we'd get to know the town... and a number of it's resorts... as well as several of the area's many golf courses where we discovered that the region's red rock canyons hid dozens and dozens of implausibly green fairways.  It was on some of those fairways that the Mesquite Amateur took place... and we were fortunate enough to be able to experience it: the camaraderie and competition of the golf, as well as the conviviality of the evening events.  I'll be writing about it all over the next several days... and I look forward to reliving some awesome memories.