Maki Uchida - Golf Photography That Transcends Golf

Photos: Maki Uchida / Uchida Times

The allure of golf is hard to explain, even for those with a passion for the game. 

Whether one plays obsessively several times a week, or simply makes a point to watch The Masters each year, it's often hard to answer the inevitable, "what do you like about golf " question.

If you're reading this blog, you know the question I'm talking about. It's the one posed with a look of abject incredulity... in a tone laden with scepticism.  And when you hear it, that's when you realize... you actually don't even know what it is you love about the game.

If you're an avid player, you probably say something about the challenge of the sport... or the the connection with nature. Maybe you tout the social side.   If you're simply a fan, you may mention the show of skill and the prospect of an exciting finish.  In either case however, you realize that there's something else to it.  Something intangible...  something that goes beyond the game ...and that elusive... something... is what's so perfectly captured in the work of Japanese photographer, Maki Uchida.  Whether his subject is a famous professional golfer, or anonymous members of the gallery, he captures the feeling that goes along with the game... and the result is so compelling.

On his blog, Uchida Times, the photographer presents his work with unique humor and creativity. My Japanese is a work in progress, so I used translation software which isn't perfect but the photos themselves speak volumes and in essence,  reflect so much of what we love about the game.