TeeTime - Plucky Texas Terrier Gets Free Golf for Life

Photo: John Dewey
Grapevine is a Texas town with a charming historical district, eclectic art galleries and... not surprisingly... numerous wineries.  It's also home to Grapevine Golf Course.

A recently renovated Byron Nelson and Joe Finger design, Grapevine is one of the most popular courses in an area known for great golf.

Well, a number of years ago a small, scrappy Jack Russel terrier began frequenting the fairways of Grapevine Golf Course.  Players started calling her "TeeTime", and she quickly became fixture; helping keep the course clean by chasing away pesky geese... and accepting offerings of food from golfers and staff in return.  It was a perfect arrangement until a run-in with a coyote, a storm drain and an overzealous Animal Control Authority nearly killed the courageous canine.

Grapevine golfer John Dewey tells her harrowing story at and it's quite an adventure.  Fortunately the ending is upbeat.  So much so that "TeeTime" is now "back on course" and ... has even earned her own Facebook page.