Is Bubba Watson Justin Bieber's New Swagger Coach?

Newsflash: The "coolest job in the world" is officially available.

You see, word is out that tween-dream singing sensation Justin Bieber, has lost his "Swagger Coach".  One can only assume a replacement is being sought and it appears big-hitting PGA golfer Bubba Watson might be on the singer's short list.

What's a "swagger coach"? you may be asking as I did this earlier this morning.

Well, for those of you not in-the-know, a swagger coach is an integral part any self-respecting pop culture idol's team these days. They shape a star's style in subtle ways and... just... sort of... keep said star on a swagtastic trajectory to ever-increasing awesomeness.  OK, I think we used to call them stylists, but clearly the job discription has evolved... and along with it, the title.

Justin Bieber's swagger coach, Ryan Good, was responsible for the singer's headline-making haircut earlier this year... and "The Biebs" himself explained the job to journalists thusly: "I have a swagger coach that helps me and teaches me different swaggerific things to do."  Now however, Mr. Good has left to "pursue his own dreams" ...and suddenly Bubba Watson's tweeting about hanging with "The Biebs"?   That's where the  "swagger coach" speculation comes in.

I know, it may seem like a stretch, but don't forget Bubba once had his own apparel line, he also appears to have a well-honed sense for when an all-important hairstyle change-up is called for.  Then there's the "Golf Boys" video that came out earlier this summer... and showed the world that Bubba Watson can "Swing it like a boomerang-a-tang tang" with the best of them.

So who knows?  I can only suggest you follow @BubbaWatson on Twitter for updates.

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