Golf Ball Painting: An Artistic Autumnal Activity For All Ages

Unlike golf, golf ball painting is super easy and ultra-affordable 
Here in New England, the month of October is known for crisp, clear days and dramatic displays of fall foliage.

The many hues of Autumn make the final weeks of our waning golf season uniquely wonderful.

However there's a bit of a downside to the seasonal display... particularly for golfers who have difficulty keeping their balls on the fairway.  Such players quickly learn that those gorgeous golden leaves have a voracious appetite for golf balls. Fallen foliage will devour your small dimpled sphere without leaving a trace, which can be... frustrating, to say the least.

I know that frustration first-hand, but was nonetheless charmed when I came upon this whimsical DIY idea: it's an activity that makes the meeting of golf balls and autumnal colors into an awesome fall art project for kids... of all ages. Inspired golfers and aspiring artists are sure to love this one.

At its best, the end result will.be an abstract creation that might even be mistaken for a Jackson Pollack.

For full instructions on this delightful DIY, head over to Happy Hooligans.... and bring your golf balls.