Golf Champion Jordan Spieth: Seven Signs He's Husband Material

A couple of months ago, when Jordan Spieth won his historic second major at Chamber's Bay, I wrote about the frothy response from female fans. The tweets and comments were hilarious, particularly when read in the aggregate, as they perfectly reflected the spirit of aspirational humor they were written in.

His well mannered graciousness and obvious dedication to family and friends... combined with rapidly rising wealth... make, Jordan Spieth a classic "catch".  Several of his social media suitors even used the somewhat antiquated, but oddly endearing term "husband material" to describe the ascending champion.

Now that the talented 22-year-old has won the Tour Championship AND clinched the Fedex Cup, I'm guessing he's gone from "husband material" to "total husband material" in the eyes of his adoring fans. And when you look at the classic criteria for "husband material" I think you've got to agree.

Women's lifestyle blog AllWomensTalk published a useful guide: Seven Signs He's Husband Material and sure enough, each one seems to apply perfectly to Mr. Spieth... in both his golf and his day-to-day life... and that, I'd venture to say, is pretty impressive.

Now please don't go chastising me for promoting precocious marriage... or marriage in general, for that matter... this is simply a lighthearted look at how one particular type of fan might be inspired by the phenomenon that is Jordan Spieth.

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