Kardashians on Kourse to Enter the Golf Accessories Market

What the Kardashian Kollection Golf Towel might look like
The Kardashians have been called celebutantes, fame whores and TV's face of evil... and granted, those labels don't conjure up a particularly appealing image.

At the same time, the flashy family is frequently described as brilliant and talented... and few would deny the raven-haired clan's ability to collectively generate buzz and make headlines.

Over the past few years the Kardashians have harnessed this ability into an international super brand that... despite the numerous haters... manages to turn legions of consumers into ardent and unquestioning followers willing to buy any and all Kardashian-branded products.

When it was announced recently that the ubiquitous glamazons were extending their Kardashian Kollection to include home decor, it's hard to imagine there was much surprise in marketing circles. "Kardashian Kollection Home" will include products like flatware.. and candlesticks.. and bath mats and... you're probably wondering where golf comes in, right?

Well, the collection will also include golf towels... "for the men in the family"!  Other manly offerings may include beer mugs, shot glasses and playing cards.  Admittedly, in the Kardashian family golf seems to be seen as something guys do.  Girls... after all... are too busy shopping, decorating, applying make-up and... building billion dollar brands.