Golf and Goblins Postponed by October Nor'easter

The view from my window late afternoon on Saturday the 29th.
It wasn't supposed to be like this. Here in Connecticut, the end of October is generally splendid, featuring brisk air, ample sunshine, clear blue skies and the "perfect sweater weather" that makes golf... and other outdoor activities... a pleasure.

This year however something freaky happened: a snowstorm of historic proportions hit a large swath of the eastern United States on Saturday the 29th, putting a frosty, destructive damper on late-season golf plans.  Downed tree limbs have caused widespread power outages and made roads impassible.  So much so that in many areas Halloween celebrations were canceled or downgraded much to the dismay of local youngsters.  Some CT towns have considered throwing postponed Halloween celebrations next Saturday, but no one seems sure exactly how that'll work out.

Sadly, quite a few golfers I've spoken to these last couple of days seem to see the storm as a signal to hang up their clubs, though they readily recount stories of playing till mid-December in "normal years".  Some of them are convinced courses won't reopen, while others appear to abide by some ancient, unwritten "first snowfall-last golf round" rule. 

Photo: Cameron Kittle, The Overlook Golf Club, Hollis,NH
I spoke to staffers at a several courses near me... here in Southwestern CT... and most plan to open within a few days. Other course across the "October Snowpocalypse" zone have posted emphatic messages on their sites and Facebook pages, as in: COURSE IS CLOSED TODAY DUE TO SNOW ON COURSE---WE ARE NOT CLOSED FOR THE SEASON!!!!  Hoping to Open for Walking on Weds!!!  Will keep you posted!!! 

Though it's true that heavy snowfall often signals the end of the golf season this freak storm, coming early as it did, will in most cases be an exception... and after a less-than-stellar 2011 golf season, many parts of New England courses could really use an extra month of business.  So if you play and you live and an area that was hit by the historic October nor'easter, Keep an open mind. Don't put your clubs away and do check with the courses in your area.  Your best rounds of 2011 may be yet to come.