Of Golf Girls, Golf Refugees And The Perfect Golf Course

"Expectations have gotten totally out of control"
I've been a fan of Golf Refugees... and their elegant black balls... for years.

I first discovered the indie eco-golf brand several years ago and was immediately impressed by their passion for golf and their unwavering efforts to fostering a more sustainable game.

Cheeky British humor and killer design are the hallmarks of their awesomely eclectic line of products.  An unwavering commitment to carbon neutrality, organic cotton and a "greener" game are what sets them apart.  Earlier this year, as the world was celebrating Earth week, Golf Refugees submitted proposals to the governing bodies of golf to revise their Rules of Golf to incorporate "green" measures. 

As expected, the initial response from the "powers-that-be" has been... tepid.  However, encouragement has come from enlightened golfers across the globe and there's evidence that more courses are now using using recycled or reclaimed water and returning their tracks to a more natural state.

In a Facebook discussion on the topic of golf and sustainability, Golf Refugees' Peter Gourse asked for my thoughts on "the perception of the perfect golf course".  Here's what I told him.

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