Noshember: Seeking PGA Players Who Dare to Go Natural

Noshember is a yearly event that I don't claim to understand... at all.

For those unaware, it's a kind of celebration of unkempt manly-ness that revolves around a month long boycott of the common razor.

The goal... for those who decide to participate... is facial hair. And in this case more clearly means better.

The main focus is a kind of "creative beard challenge" that has contestants posting photos and stories chronicling their quests for the perfect beard. There's also merchandise to be bought: Noshember sweatshirts and beard head hats in a number of colors.

Another very important Noshember tradition... and one I do understand... is the charity component.  Those who participate have friends and relatives sponsor them (and their barbe) throughout the month to help raise money for a charity of their choosing.

Celebs like Keanu Reeves and Brad Pitt have been known to be a part of the event.  So why not professional golfers. The four above for example.  Each exemplary when it comes to giving  and each seems to have a certain affinity for stylistic manscaping, so why not. They've got to get started, Noshember begins tomorrow.

Oh, and LPGA players needn't feel excluded,  Noshember isn't just for guys. Girls are encouraged to participate as well, but um... I'm not going to go there.  Here are the rules for ladies.