Introducing a Very Engaging Blog About... Golf Litigation?

If you're not a hardened golf geek... or an obsessed trial junkie... the subject may first glance seem extremely boring somewhat platitudinous; worthy of an occasional post perhaps, but not nearly enough to constitute an ongoing daily blog.

As it turns out, however, golf generates a prodigious amount of legal wrangling. More than any other amateur sport according Thomas H. Sawyer, author of Golf and the Law.  And it goes way beyond the errant balls and reckless swings that might first come to mind.

This is where Rob Harris comes in.  He's a Connecticut lawyer who advises business clients on ways to avoid or minimize the risks associated with litigation.  He's also a passionate golfer, and his new blog, Golf Dispute Resolution, features regular posts on interesting legal disputes that have a golf connection.  Categories like Injuries, Celebrities, Golf Equipment and Quirky & Unusual to name a few, reflect the remarkable variety of cases he covers. Stories are also search-able by state/country... so you can find out what kind of litigation is taking place on and around your local course.

Harris is an engaging story-teller who turns legalese into something lyrical... in short succinct posts.  In addition to his blog he animates lively discussions golf and the law on Linked In at the Golf Dispute Resolution Group, which is were I met him yesterday.

I'm quite sure that 2012 will bring many interesting stories on the intersection of golf and law, and Rob Harris is the perfect person to tell them.