A Variation on the Golf Club Sex Discrimination Theme

I don't imagine Steve Frye is very popular on the fairways of Eagle Vines Vineyards & Golf Club.  At least not on Ladies Day.

Mr. Frye, it turns out, is currently attempting to put the kibosh on "Ladies Day" at Eagle Vines, alleging that when he visited the Napa Valley course  on Monday, Dec. 13, 2010, they were illegally charging male golfers $44 for green and cart fees vs $30 for women... because it was "Ladies Day".

 So, Frye has filed a sex discrimination lawsuit ...against a promotion designed to attract more women to play. The Frye vs. Eagle Vines case is scheduled for a hearing on May 22 in Napa County Superior Court. Read more about the case at 

Though many are dismissing Frye's suit as frivolous, The California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control has supposedly sent a letter to Eagle Vines saying "possible disciplinary action could be taken against the club’s alcoholic beverage license".

This sets a troubling precedent when you consider that courses offering all kinds of golf promotions... discounts for public safety and military personnel, Junior and Senior discounts, etc... could now be subject to costly lawsuits.  If that happens all golfers may end up paying more for their rounds.  And Steven Frye may wish he'd never attempted to squelch "Ladies Day".