A Variation on the Golf Club Sex Discrimination Theme

I don't imagine Steve Frye is very popular on the fairways of Eagle Vines Vineyards & Golf Club.  At least not on Ladies Day.

Mr. Frye, it turns out, is currently attempting to put the kibosh on "Ladies Day" at Eagle Vines, alleging that when he visited the Napa Valley course  on Monday, Dec. 13, 2010, they were illegally charging male golfers $44 for green and cart fees vs $30 for women... because it was "Ladies Day".

 So, Frye has filed a sex discrimination lawsuit ...against a promotion designed to attract more women to play. The Frye vs. Eagle Vines case is scheduled for a hearing on May 22 in Napa County Superior Court. Read more about the case at 

Though many are dismissing Frye's suit as frivolous, The California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control has supposedly sent a letter to Eagle Vines saying "possible disciplinary action could be taken against the club’s alcoholic beverage license".

This sets a troubling precedent when you consider that courses offering all kinds of golf promotions... discounts for public safety and military personnel, Junior and Senior discounts, etc... could now be subject to costly lawsuits.  If that happens all golfers may end up paying more for their rounds.  And Steven Frye may wish he'd never attempted to squelch "Ladies Day".


  1. nice job mr frye; continue to perpetuate the stereotype of the male golfer as a sexist, arrogant a$$

  2. I don't think Frye's case has much of a chance. What would they do, eliminate any promotion that wasn't all inclusive? I think he's just making a "disenfranchised white male" statement.

  3. Frye is probably one of those guys who just doesn't like to see women on the golf course. I'm guessing he doesn't object to 1/2 price drinks for women on "Ladies Night" because he's the one buying drinks. How else would he get a girl to talk to him?

  4. FYI: "discounts for public safety and military personnel, Junior and Senior discounts"...these are completely LEGAL. Gender based discrimination is NOT. Can you understand the difference Miss Hannigan?

  5. Oh I totally understand the difference LS, however this is America, and those with a propensity for litigation aren't necessarily concerned about lack of supporting legal argument or factual basis for their claims. ;)

  6. I guess they will try to cancel ladies night at the bars and night clubs next... Please say no

  7. As is often the case, people who do not understand the law make comments that are foolish but, worse, dangerous to the precious American legislative and legal systems that our soldiers die defending. Dangerous precedent? To enforce the anti-discrimination laws passed by the legislature in California because some (unfortunately, maybe most) citizens fail to understand the importance of eradicating discrimination and, likewise, the importance of upholding the law, whether it suits our personal desires or not. The same laws that Mr. Frye is defending in seeking to eliminate preferential treatment for some customers according to unlawful characteristics in a public business are the ones that prevent businesses from treating customers differently based on race or religion. The same laws that protect women from discriminatory practices that kept them second-class citizens until not so long ago. Just because some of you fail to understand the law does not entitle you to be ignorantly in favor of that which is unlawful. Thankfully, the folks who would keep black people in the back of the bus have learned to keep quiet in public about which laws to obey and which laws to ignore. When we don't support the laws of this state, what does that make us? The truth is there is ample precedent under the LAW in California to insist that all patrons be treated equally in public businesses. If that is too much to ask, then what does that make people who would favor only those laws that satisfy their own personal understandings? Ask yourself those questions as you send our young soldiers off to fight for the American system of government and justice. Our legislature passed the laws that Mr. Frye is asking the court to enforce, and courts across the state are doing their jobs. Gladly, the job of our judges does not turn on the ignorance of those who do not understand our laws.

  8. What was this sexist, arrogant golf course thinking?

    Of course (no pun intended), it's illegal for any California business to charge its customers different prices for the exact same goods or services based solely on the customers' sex.

    The same laws prohibit Ladies' Night or Men's Night drink or cover charge specials, and any member of the disfavored sex at any such promotion is entiled to a minimum of $4,000 in statutory damages plus the discriminating business has to pay all attorneys' fees and costs pursuant to California Civil Code section 52.

    What business operating in California, or in any other state in 2011, would somehow think that it was legal to charge its customers different prices for the same stuff based solely on the customers' sex?

  9. Dude, this is America. A business should be be free to give discounts to anyone it wants without the government getting involved. Frye is probably a lawyer theyre the big winners in suits like this.

  10. Janet - I'm no lawyer, just a struggling lady golfer, but I find it odd that "the laws that protect women from discriminatory practices that kept them second-class citizens until not so long ago" should be used to eliminate "Ladies Day" discounts, but don't seem to be able to be able to be effective in ensuring that women receive equal pay for equal work. To me it feels like male legislators "protecting women" in ways that ultimately benefit men.

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    these types of suits are popular among some, such as in bars serving alcohol, that allow ladies to drink free while charging the men, to set an agenda of some kind

    it is basically why augusta clings so diligently to its current status as it is and protects it so it can do what it want to do how it wants to do it and when - period

    in the law, it's called "public accomodation", that scares the heck out of most other country clubs that want to set agendas as it sees fit

    moreover, not just tee times or rates are involved - think of handicap entrance/exit ramps, shower facilities, grill room access etc etc and you can see it can get quite costly indeed to "please" everyone

    frye probably got dissed regarding something else and is picking low lying fruit from the litigation tree of previously tried cases

    i myself get to use metal spikes to walk on any public course under federal ADA statutes and "public accomodation" regulations

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    now, if we can just get dry cleaners to charge the same for a mans shirt ($2) as a womans blouse ($8) or restaurants to charge the same for cuban coffee ($.60) and italian espresso ($3.50) maybe we can call it a day

    laws prohibiting gender discrimination do have unintended consequences - and this is one of them

    similarly, that club cannot promote a members daughter from selling girl scout cookies (as innocent as that is) because then it would have to allow a members son who might be a neo-nazi selling swasticas - so both are out

    that's why groucho so famously said "any club that would have me as a member - i wouldn't care to join"

    fore !

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  13. Any guy that would complain about a price deal that attracts more women to the course, the bar, the stadium...wherever, probably should qualify for a discount given he's not really a man himself.


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