The Remarkable Passion & Myriad Talents of Justin Timberlake

An awesome illustration for Mirimichi's Cool Player's Club
For the first time ever... in history... an iconic golf brand has appointed a noted actor slash grammy-award-winning performer slash former Mouseketeer... as its creative director. By the way, the multi-faceted appointee has also been named "Most Stylish Man" AND "Sexiest Man" by GQ and Cosmopolitain magazines, respectively.

 However I think we can assume it's Justin Timberlake's extraordinary passion for golf got him the gig with Callaway, and I don't imagine there were many golf industry insiders who didn't quickly see the wisdom brilliance of the appointment when it was announced yesterday.

Here at Golf Girl's Diary we first wrote about Justin Timberlake... and golf... over five years ago. At that point he was merely the "Sexy Back" singer with a great golf swing. During the ensuing years his "thing for golf" only got stronger. We saw him play Carnoustie...and tee off in Abu Dahbi. On Madonna's 50th birthday we saw him gift her with golf lessons. 2008 however, was the year JT really made his mark on golf. His relationship with Callaway took off when he signed an agreement to play the Company’s equipment and carry a Callaway branded golf bag. He sponsored a major tournament for the first time and appeared on the cover of Golf Digest magazine.

2008 was also the year Justin Timberlake planed the renovation of the golf course he purchased, the course that would be called Mirimichi.  This is where I feel JT's passion for golf shines most brightly.  When the course he played on as a child was set to be sold to developers Timberlake bought it himself and put $16 million into renovations, transforming it into the most eco-friendly course in America... and one that can serve as a model for a more sustainable type of golf center.

With US golf participation declining... 2011 marked the fifth year rounds are down in this country... golf businesses are actively attempting to distinguish themselves, while the industry itself struggles to reverse the current trend and "grow the game" with new audiences.  Justin Timberlake has what it takes to do both and now may be in a position make it happen.  It's something the game can look forward to in 2012.