Mobile, Social, Global: It's Divotr, A New App for Golf Fans

The idea actually germinated a while back... a couple of years ago, to be exact.

I was chatting with Doug Farrick... a fellow New Englander and golf blogger of note at GolfDash... about some remarkable experiences I'd had, via social media, with golf fans around the world.

As an early adopter on Twitter I'd encountered a highly engaged... and very engaging... group of global golf fans and had spent numerous summer weekends in front of my laptop sharing the excitement of pro golf tournaments... that I otherwise would've watched alone, in the climate controlled solitude of my cloistered man woman cave.  The 2008 Players Championship was where it really hit home for me; watching Sergio Garcia win in a playoff with Paul Goydos was infinitely more exciting in the (virtual) company of several hyper-excited golf fans in Spain  than watching all alone... with only my Corona Lite as company.

Doug had had some similar experiences, and we both agreed that golf fans... like fans of any sport... tend to have much more fun in real time and collectively, than they do alone.  Seeing as how we're both fans of myriad players and a number of different international tours, we decided we needed to find a way to refine and enhance the global fan experience that we were beginning to develop a taste for on the rapidly growing platform called Twitter.

Fast forward a couple of years; Twitter has experienced explosive growth (the tweets-per-day count has risen from 2 million tweets to over 2 hundred million) as have other social networks... some of them only months into their existence.  The mobile space is also evolving at an astonishing rate, and that's where Divotr comes in.

Divotr is the fruit of that long-ago chat I had with Doug.  It's a new mobile/golf/social app that'll take global fans of all stripes to an awesome new level of real-time interaction.  We're almost ready to launch, and while we put the final pieces into place you can get early access and the latest updates via email and Twitter.  Just sign up at our launch page.  Encourage your golf-fan followers to check us out as well.

I look forward to seeing you soon on Divotr... and I have a feeling 2012 is going to be a great year for golf fans.