Social Media Connections Facilitate Global Golf Tourism

Spain has so many beautiful coastal courses
The fact that social media has us all "so connected" can sometimes lead to...  awkwardness.  For example, the confidential DM that mistakenly goes out to everyone is actually fairly common, and the consequences can be... unpleasant, to say the least.  Or what about the "old flame" who suddenly finds you on Facebook and wants to become a "new flame".  That's another distressing possibility.

That being said, most would probably agree that such occasional vexations are a small price to pay for the benefits of an interconnected global network; a network that includes people from around the world who share your interests and enjoy exchanging ideas and information.   These days I find out what's new in golf - courses, resorts, equipment brands and apparel styles - almost exclusively through my golf contacts on social networks.  They share news of promotions and contests,  recommend (or warn against) golf products and offer golf tips. You've probably had similar experiences.

Back in dark ages... before the Facebooks and Twitters and such... this kind of info-exchange just didn't happen much, there was just no easy way for like-minded people to connect.  Particularly if you lived in a distant city or on a far-away continent.

...and so many fantastic golfers.
This came to mind recently when a friend told me she was thinking of taking an early summer trip to Spain... and hoped to play some golf while there... but didn't really know where to begin.  Not being a particularly adventurous type, she was vacillating, and asked me if I could recommend anything.  Now, I've never played golf in Spain and don't know much about the country's courses, but thanks to social media I know about a dozen people who have played in Spain... and who know first hand about Spanish courses.  I'd have no trouble deciding where to spend my time in Spain... and, in fact, I hope to make that trip some day myself.  As for my friend, at this point she "doesn't do social media", but I think I may have convinced her to give it a try.

Of course there are some great websites for planning golf holidays in Spain, but if you can get extra input from someone you know... all the better, right? You may even find a Spanish playing partner, and that's the amazing power of Social Media.