Multi-tasking Golf Fashion Innovation: Skirt + Tight = Skite

Skirt + Tight = Skite
It's a simple concept. A classic "why didn't I think of that?" idea.

But I didn't, Mary Jane Parrish did.  The enterprising Florida tennis-player-turned-sportswear-designer invented the Skite, a one-piece, multi-tasking skirt/tight hybrid that works wonderfully for golf... and a whole plethora of other activities, athletic and otherwise.

Here's the thing, for the majority of female body types... young, old, large or lean... a short skirt actually creates a flattering silhouette.  However, many women shy away from the look for fear of over-exposure... and that's where the leggings come into play.

Completely opaque and attached to the skirt, they're available in several cuts, from short... to Capri... to ankle-length, allowing a gal to choose the amount of leg coverage that suits her. Plus, with a couple of different fits, three basic solid colors and panoply of prints to choose from, one can customise the look to a particular sport or activity.

Yes, a Skite is quite the versatile vestment.  Have a look at their website theskite.com for additional info and check out their blog skitebuzz.blogspot.com for more on the back story.  Then of course, there's a Skite facebook page to keep you completely up-to-date on all things Skite as they develop.

A hat tip for this great golf fashion find goes to the always observant and sartorially sensitive Courtney Capps, (who always looks great in his Khakis).

Skites hit the tennis courts -  Fairways are the next frontier