A New Back9Network Blog & Some Tantalizing Highlights

On March 1, Back9Network went live with their new blog,

It's another step towards the birth of a brave new golf/lifestyle network.  The new highlight reel provides a glimpse of what the Back9Network plans to present live on TV, Internet and mobile devices by late spring/early summer.  Over the next couple of weeks their blog will feature new pilots, promos and profiles, then later this month the official Back9network website will go live with and take it to the next level, so to speak.  Staunch traditionalists and ardent feminists be warned: this may not be your cup of tea.  Everyone else: get ready to be entertained by a fresh new take on golf programing.

The Back9Network's mission is "to change the culture and perception of golf by opening up the sport and making it more fun and inclusive".  Stay tuned their blog for more as summer approaches.