Ryo Ishikawa Will Soon Be Seen in Nike Casual Wear (updated)

Ryo Ishikawa With Nike Sportswear Creative Director (c) NIKE
Update: Ryo receives a Masters invite!...also check out his new comercial for Asahi Dry Zero a new 0.00% alcohol, beer-tasting beverage.
Over the past couple of years we've watched Ryo Ishikawa become a truly global golfer. 

He's played all over the world, bringing his whimsical, multi-chromatic style... and an ever-growing gaggle of Japanese journalists... to the top tournaments on multiple contents. - To the extent that it's often hard to keep track of the young superstar. - Right now Mr. Ishikawa is in Puerto Rico for the PGA Tour's Puerto Rican Open,  he'll then head to Florida for the Transitions Championship and the Arnold Palmer Invitational.  Currently ranked 54th, and four places short of qualifying for the Masters, Ryo will be playing these next few weeks for a spot in the field at Augusta.

Japan's number one golfer seems to have magical powers be able to turn on a dime... getting from one end of the earth to another in record time. His appeal seems to transcend boarders as well earning him avid fans everywhere he goes. It's therefore no surprise to hear he's been pursued by top global brands.

In fact, the Japanese phenom just signed a contract with Nike and will soon be wearing "casual shoes and sportswear" from the iconic brand as part of a global campaign designed to convey the importance of "realizing one's dreams through various challenges".  The tenacious 20 year-old golf champion... who's also known to excel on soccer fields and ski slopes... is clearly a perfect poster boy for this message.

As always, the intrepid Noriko Imano filled me in on this story. She also sent me a link to this exuberant Asahi ad.