International Women's Day - A Couple of Golf Blogs to Follow

Forest Hills Ladies Circle Photo: ©Monique A. Ignacio
If you've paid a visit to the worlds most popular search engine today you may have noticed a modern multi-chromatic rendering that features a flower and the female gender symbol.  That would be the  Google Doodle for March 8, 2012 decked out for International Women's Day.

More than thirty years ago,  March 8th officially became the UN Day for women's rights and world peace.  The occasion will be marked in various ways by women's groups around the world.

For the social media communicators among us, a twitter hashtag, #digitalheroines has been established as part of a viral campaign to promote the presence of women in technology fields where, as yet they're substantially underrepresented.

Tweeting with this hashtag is a way to sign on to the International Women's Day statement of Neelie Kroes, Vice President of the European Commission, and the woman in charge of digital policy for Europe.  Though originating in Europe, it's a message applicable across the globe. "The Digital World is for Everyone".
The empowerment of women and the recent rise of digital technology have changed our world for the better. Now it is time to bring these two revolutions together.
You may have heard of Moore's law, but what about a more women law?
Technology should not be a boy's and man's world. Our technology gurus and heroes cannot be limited to men. It's a digital world now and the digital world is for everyone. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. 
In that vein, I'd like to tell you about a couple of golf blogs that inspire me with their support of women's golf (which is way underreported vs. men's golf) and their engaging female focus:

Tenerife Ladies Open ©DogLegMedia
Dog Leg Media is a media initiative from Poodle, the fashion forward golf apparel company we've written about here a couple of times in the past. In addition to their awesome clothing line, Poodle is a company with a real commitment to the women's game. They sponsor several professional golfers and Ladies European Tour events attending numerous tournaments each year, and have now established photo library of unique high quality images that they offer to media outlets, businesses and fans. Their aim is to encourage newspapers and magazines to write about womens golf and more fans to follow and support the girls.

The Dog Leg Media Blog is a great way to see the women LET in action... on some of the most beautiful courses in the world.

And speaking of beautiful courses... and gregarious golf girls... and stunning photography,  if you don't follow Girl Golfing! you're missing out on an ultra-vibrant glimpse of the exciting women's golf scene in the Philippines.

Throughout the weekend I'll add links to some of the unique other blogs that I feel reflect the International Women's Day mission. If you have any... please feel free to add them in a comment.