Experiential Marketing, Golf Tourism and #blogolftripTNF

Sometime yesterday, an ultra-engaging, multi-talented group of golf bloggers boarded a plane together in Madrid. Their destination: Tenerife, in Spain's Canary Islands.

Famous for its golden sand beaches, terrific weather and... superlative golf, Tenerife is a holiday destination with something for everyone, but these sporty scribes will be there to participate in the first ever #blogolftrip  - To that end they'll be playing a lot of golf... a friendly four round competition will take them to four courses in three days!

Off-course hours will be spent getting to know a couple of the island's awesome resorts, dining at some stellar Tenerife restaurants and exploring several Canary Island cultural attractions.  All of this in an action-packed long weekend... that's underway right now.

What sets a #blogolftrip apart from the standard travel industry famtrip is its focus on social media  to provide a live experiential look at a particular destination. As such, the golfers on this trip are among Span's most active and engaged social media/golf evangelists.

The golf boys of Fuera de Limites, ( @ovidiov , @esoto and @pabloherrero ) will be there, as will @mikebelindo 's always entertaining David Amezqueta.  The charming and talented @martasegura who writes about the melding of golf and social media at both Ten-Golf  and  will represent the ladies.  Also on the courses of Tenerife this weekend will be @MDiaz_elmundo , @fegido , @jorgetwittour and @filazos .

To share in the this new-media golf adventure and get an inside look at some awesome Tenerife golf courses and attractions, follow the above listed players on twitter and check out the hashtag #blogolftripTNF throughout the weekend.

I wasn't able to get to Tenerife as I'm currently in the middle of a fairly extensive renovation to my home/headquarters here in (still quite chilly) Connecticut, but definitely plan to make the next #blogolftrip.  In the meantime I'm happy to be able enjoy the coastal fairways of Tenerife vicariously at #blogolftripTNF .