A Great Last Minute Mom's Day Gift for Golfers & Others

Mother's Day: It's a major lady-gift-giving holiday... and it's this weekend.  If you're still trying to figure out what to get for the mom(s) in your life, you're probably in need of some inspiration.

Well, I have a suggestion for you.  It's a stellar gift for the mom who's a golfer, or a golf fan. It's also perfect if she has no connection to the game whatsoever.   Oh... and I fully realize it goes against the formulaic gift-giving advice of many experts.

There are those who say... quite categorically... that one should never, ever, under any circumstances, give a woman any kind of appliance on Mother's Day.  The idea being that it might be interpreted as an indication you'd like this particular mother to do more housework. Kitchen appliances are particularly targeted due to outdated ideas that associate the kitchen with women's servitude.  But I'm going to go against this conventional wisdom and recommend... quite categorically... that you ignore the advice and make a beeline for the appliance store... then head directly to the kitchen section where you'll find a machine that clearly transcends the jokes about keeping women in the kitchen.

I'm talking about an item you're probably familiar with because it's much more than a kitchen appliance, it's actually an American icon: The KitchenAid Stand Mixer.

There's something about this particular piece of machinery that strikes a cord in almost everyone.  I believe it has to do with history and design.  At once nostalgic and modern, the product's ability to speak to each of those seemingly opposing affinities is part of why its fan base extends well beyond the culinary world.

The mixer has retained the same basic shape and exemplary sturdiness it had when it was introduced almost a century ago.  Innovation has come, over the years, in the form of subtle engineering adjustments that respond to the changing way we prepare our food.  A plethora of attachments have also been introduced to allow the mixer to to chop, blend, grind and.... make ice cream.  Then there are the colors.  Originally available only in white, KitchenAid pioneered colored kitchen appliances in 1955 and has regularly introduced new hues ever since, resulting in a multi-chromatic range of mixers that reflects the latest trends.

As counter-intuitive as it may seem to the anti-appliance naysayers it's hard to imagine a woman not being delighted with such a gift on Mother's day. That is unless she already has one, which considering its popularity, is a fairly good possibility.  In that case, there's undoubtedly an attachment she's longing for.  The breakfast set is one possibility... which would allow you to follow the unwrapping with breakfast in bed. Just a suggestion.

Now I'm not affiliated with KitchenAid in any way, I'm just a longtime owner/admirer.  Additionally, as a golf fan I think it's pretty awesome that the company that this celebrated stand mixer is a stellar supporter of the sport I love.  In two weeks The Senior PGA Championship sponsored by KitchenAid will take place at the Golf Club at Harbor Shores in Benton Harbor, MI, hometown of Whirlpool, KitchenAid's parent company.

More about the tournament later, but do consider the stand mixer for mom, she won't be disappointed.

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