Amusement Over Accuracy - A Golf Infographic for a Manic Monday

It's been one of those Mondays. I won't elaborate, except to say that this comely little golf infographic seemed like a perfectly appropriate thing to post.

A few of the facts seem questionable.  I mean isn't the world's highest golf course in Bolivia... and wouldn't Sawgrass be better represented by a gator than a sea monster? Such minor details notwithstanding,  the visual depiction is cute and lighthearted.  It breaks the game's history down into easily digestible parts... and the Tiger woods baby picture is quite cute.  Then there's the fact that on a Monday, the 19th hole is almost alway a fortuitous place to end... an infographic.

I found it at Golf Lifestyle Asia, an engaging Filipina blog that seems to be enormously somewhat inspired by Golf Girl's Diary. Up-to-and-including its fun, flirty, fashionable tagline.

These are the days when imitation really does seem like the sincerest form of flattery.