Golf on the BRINK: A Sexy Electric Bike Made Especially for Golfers

Photo via TechVehi

The convergence of golf and cycling isn't new.  In fact, there are a number of companies and individuals developing and promoting "golf bikes" of different sorts.

There's the intrepid Aaron LaDuke, an eco-golf evangelist who put together the "Linksbike", an all terrain ride with a golf bag mounted to the handlebars. LaDuke also sponsors the BYOB Eco-Golf Open, a Linksbike tournament that raises awareness for eco-friendly alternatives to the traditional golf cart, and funds for the First Tee of Denver. 

Then there's the Turf Trike, a tricycle type vehicle that comes in a pure pedal-powered version ...presumably made for areas where the terrain is relatively flat... as well as one with an electrical assist for courses with more extreme undulation as explained in the Turf Trike video after the jump.


These golfcycles have been created as cleaner alternatives to conventional golf carts. Less damaging to turf they allow golfers to navigate more quickly around the course than they would on foot while still gaining a cardiovascular benefit from pedaling.  The latest Golf/Bike invention comes from Fortune Hanebrink, elite maker of electric and non-electric extreme terrain bikes (the kind you can take to the North Pole).  

Featured in GQ and Los Angeles magazines, Hanebrink bikes have quickly become synonymous with high-performance luxury and Electricbike.com recently put them at the top of its list of "the sexiest pieces of e-bike technology ever made", The new Fortune Hanebrink  Links BRINK  seems to be right in line with that reputation.  

From what we hear, its features are impressive: 8 inch wide tubeless tires, easy mount/dismount frame and its own custom two wheel golf trolley. A 36V, 9.6 Ah LiNMC battery pack and 750 watt, 7-speed brushless electric motor provide power beyond the pedal. The proposed price $6,500 keeps it well within the luxury category. Many more details here, along with numerous photos.  

For a couple of years I've been hearing claims that "cycling is the new golf". Well, why not both? Personally,  I'm looking forward to taking a Links BRINK for a test drive.