Golf-inspired Cake Sweetens A Dreary Connecticut Weekend

US Open Cake                                                     ©Golf Girl Media
Here in Connecticut, mid-February can be somewhat... bitter.

This past Saturday... with temperatures just above freezing and  continual, cold rain... certainly fit that bill.

Ample amounts of dingy snow still linger on lawns and area courses are shuttered, so local golf-nuts had few options to satisfy their obsession;  basically, they were relegated to stints on the simulator and afternoons on the couch, watching the pros play in the uncharacteristically icy AZ desert.  

There was also the "make-a-massive-cake-inspired-by-a-major golf-championship" option, which is what I chose.

To be honest I'd been planning this cake for a couple of weeks,  as part of a fund raising event for our town's Historical Society.  The "Cake Creation Celebration" was actually scheduled for early February, but postponed due to ...what else... a snowstorm.

And so it was that I spent Thursday and Friday... and Saturday morning... baking, constructing and decorating the towering three-tiered confection at left.

I've clearly got a lot to learn about the finer points of cake design, but I stayed pretty true to my original plan.. and for an initial multi-tiered cake-baking effort, I was pretty happy with the way this US Open inspired cake turned out.

The only downside was that I consumed an unhealthy quantity of cake batter and buttercream in the process, but that was definitely part of the fun.  An maybe it's just par for the course if you're looking for a sweet, golf-inspired weekend in the depths of a Connecticut winter.

From the initial sketch... to the baking, construction and decoration.  In the end, the cake was reduced to crumbs.


  1. The cake looks amazing! How did you make the logos and are they edible, they're so cute.

  2. The Cake is simply much delicious and tasteful to eat.

  3. The logo medallions are completely edible. They're made of fondant and I did the designs in edible ink markers!

  4. Edible ink markers?! That's the first I've ever heard of such a thing. Brilliant. You did a nice job replicating the actual logos but I didn't see one for Torrey Pines in the pictures. How many years did you actually do?


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