Early Morning Tee Time? Wake Up With a Putting Practice Session.

Early morning tee times definitely have their advantages... at least that's what I've heard.

In areas where mid-day temperatures soar, the fleeting coolness of the early hours may motivate some to rise with the sun, but  for the golfers I know, the biggest benefit seems to be that a less crowded course... and the absence of slower, casual golfers... allows for a much quicker round. " I can get my round in and be back home in time to have breakfast with the family" one friend of ours proudly put it.

I've also heard golfers liken their early AM rounds to a spiritual experience, where the purity of the untouched course and the awakening of flora & fauna, engender feelings of peace and well-being.

I'm more of a twilight golfer myself.  In fact, I like being in the last group out, if at all possible. Having more or less mastered the art of thermoregulation, even the most oppressive heat doesn't really bother me, and while there might be a bit of a backlog at the tees, if there's no one behind us stressing about it, I'm good. Plus, if you ask me there's something kind of Zen-like about reaching the 18 green at dusk.

Here's the thing though; according to certain sleep experts, most people hit the deepest part of their sleep cycles between 4a.m. and 6a.m.  So when you book that dew sweeper tee time you'll probably want to have a pretty effective wake-up system in place.  And that's where the small plexiglass orb pictured above comes in. It's the Sport Time Golf Green Alarm Clock and once it starts ringing, it won't stop till you sink a putt on its tiny plastic green. By that time, you'll not only be wide awake, you'll have some putting practice under your belt. How annoying awesome is that?

[Focalprice via GeekAlerts via Gizmodo]


  1. Nothing is better than being first out on the golf course. The round is quicker, the vibe is great and everyone is much more relaxed. Where I play it starts going downhill at about 8:00 and by 9:00 forget it. :\

  2. I LOVE to play really early too, but the early tee times are really hard to get around here. Go figure. :{

  3. It was almost 80 degrees by 10 AM yesterday morning here in Naples. I know what you mean about an early start before the heat kicks in. Unfortunately for me its to work and not golf.

  4. I guess if you can work in Naples in February though Steve, life's already pretty good. ;-) Early tee times tend to be really popular here too but seeing as how I like to sleep in, I'm OK with that. ヾ(。 ̄□ ̄)ツ The clock looks like it might be fun to play with though.

  5. The older my golf friends and I get, the later we seem to want to play. As recently as a couple years ago, we'd be ready to play at 7:30 or 8. Now it's more like 9 or 9:30. We're fortunate to belong to a club that doesn't have tee times and is hardly ever crowded. In mid-summer, though, it is nice to get out early and avoid the 1-3pm heat.

  6. the beauty of LIVING on a course is that TIME of day play is IRrelevant and can be completely spontaneous


  7. .............."there's something kind of Zen-like about reaching the 18 green at dusk."

    that's a bingo !.....ending the day ON a course, with the natural light diminishing, and the happy-hour approaching, is very zen, yes indeed



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