The Short Game - A Rare Glimpse into a Unique Subculture of Global Golf

The city of Austin will be awash in musicians, filmmakers and digital creatives for the coming ten days, in that springtime ritual known as South by Southwest.  SXSW has been straining the Texas town's infrastructure for years, as more events get added and an increasing number of attendees pour in for music, film and interactive happenings.

Over the past several years, SXSW has become one of the world's major film festivals premiering major hollywood films, attracting top movie executives and spawning multiple distribution deals.

One of 2013's most anticipated entries in the feature documentary category is called "The Short Game", and though director Josh Greenbaum maintains that "it's not about golf"  it promises to be particularly enlightening, inspiring and entertaining for those who play the game, and... in light of Rory McIlroy's recent travails... quite timely.

"The Short Game" looks like an extraordinarily powerful movie and I'm really hoping it secures a distribution deal in Austin, because I can't wait to see it.  Check out the trailer below and I'm quite sure you'll feel the same.

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