The Short Game - A Rare Glimpse into a Unique Subculture of Global Golf

The city of Austin will be awash in musicians, filmmakers and digital creatives for the coming ten days, in that springtime ritual known as South by Southwest.  SXSW has been straining the Texas town's infrastructure for years, as more events get added and an increasing number of attendees pour in for music, film and interactive happenings.

Over the past several years, SXSW has become one of the world's major film festivals premiering major hollywood films, attracting top movie executives and spawning multiple distribution deals.

One of 2013's most anticipated entries in the feature documentary category is called "The Short Game", and though director Josh Greenbaum maintains that "it's not about golf"  it promises to be particularly enlightening, inspiring and entertaining for those who play the game, and... in light of Rory McIlroy's recent travails... quite timely.

"The Short Game" looks like an extraordinarily powerful movie and I'm really hoping it secures a distribution deal in Austin, because I can't wait to see it.  Check out the trailer below and I'm quite sure you'll feel the same.

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  1. I have a 9 year old niece who is going through the selection process for the Callaway Junior Championship so this really resonates with me. She's a happy kid and seems to love to compete (almost) as much as her parents love to see her compete but I can't help being a bit concerned about the limits being put on her by her family's single minded pursuit of this one thing. You don't get a second chance at childhood. :\

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  3. What an amazing display of talent and skill and, clearly, a lot of parental pushing. I think in most cases parents will do the right thing and if they see their children desperately unhappy they'll reevaluate their goals together. But there'll always be some, in any sport, who'll relentlessly keep pushing which is sad.

  4. if kids this age around the world are working in sweat shops, and on farms, and picking trash off mountains of garbage to help support their family, then i suppose a seven year old can have the burdens of an adult very early on

    as for the game of golf, mastery of it sometimes never comes, at any age, so i guess the question becomes; what happens to the seven year old star pupil, who by sixteen, has washed out of contention (or the parent(s) of that same person who have mortgaged it all for the big future pay-day that isn't going to happen)

    i do like the idea that it seems co-ed, with as many girls as boys, if the trailer is an appropriately representative sample size of participants

    fact is, any early structured educational experience is a potential plus later on, for ANY productive endevour, which is why we should spend more on schools and teachers and books and learning BEFORE we go into debt for wars, sports stadiums and bridges to no-where

    my kids were on golf courses from back when they were in diapers (and one now lives on a course not knowing then that home she drove passed with the cart literally two hundred plus times would someday be hers) and though neither picked up the game proper, we, to this day, talk and reminisce about our many many times back the on the various courses

    anyway, i wouldn't look for the next TIGER or RORY as much as the next BUNCH of productive citizens with a clear thinking outlook and a physically fit healthy regiment as a basis for a long and happy and fruitful life


  5. Cool! It will surely encourage many kids to love golf. Watching the video, I was really impressed to see kids playing golf.


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