Twitter Trend Weekly: Golf Makes Some People Smile

Often, they're annoying and spammy, but at their best Twitter hashtags... and the trending topics they spawn... can offer us an enlightening view of the way things are perceived by the masses.

Over the years I've enjoyed observing the 140 character thoughts and opinions expressed about golf... and I've often been entertained by them.  Frequently funny and sometimes surprising, tweets, when looked at collectively, can certainly tell a story.

That's the idea behind Twitter Trend Weekly, a new feature I'll be presenting here each Wednesday.  I'm thinking it might be a fun way to liven up the middle of the week and a good chance to see what folks are saying about the the sport we love.

This week's topic is #howtomakemesmile

The course alone seems to make some girls happy...

...while others want to make sure they get the full experience.

Guys, apparently, like to have an audience...

...even if it's just an audience of one admiring female. 

It's the golf swag that does it for some... 

...while others apparently just want to see their rivals under the wheels of a golf buggy. 

Alrighty then.  "Twitter Trend Weekly" will be back again next Wednesday with more hashtag-inspired observations in 140 characters or less.  


  1. #thingsthatmakemesmile my long putter. And I fully intend to keep using it. :)

  2. New hashtag - #howmakemekillyou go golfing with me even if you don't golf and try to talk to me while I play.
    And (@The RealColinP must need a therapist)

  3. I still don't understand Twitter. :-( What's the point?

  4. Well Shark, Twitter is definitely a place to get breaking news, because it's so immediate. If there's a natural disaster unfolding or a political scandal coming to light, you'll get news and updates quicker by Twitter than with any traditional media. Of course, some of the information may be inaccurate, but the fact it's coming from real people creates more authenticity too. Another thing is crowd sourcing. You can throw a question out there and if you have a decent number of followers you can be pretty sure you'll get answers.


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