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Kelley Shaw is an IT exec and an avid golf fan. 

For years she'd enjoyed playing fantasy golf based on the men's tours, but dreamed of a fantasy game that would allow her to exercise her expertise in picking female winners. The expansion of Golf Channel's Fantasy Challenge to include the LPGA Tour's five majors was a welcome development, but Shaw saw something a little more... comprehensive. And that's how Ladies Dream Golf was born.

LDG is a full-featured, full-schedule fantasy league for the LPGA Tour, and includes all 28 tournaments of the 2013 season, as well as the Solheim Cup. The website features leaderboards and current stats along with engaging posts on players and tournaments.  There's a message board as well, where members can gloat when they win exchange ideas and information. Ladies Dream Golf is free and easy to play, and it's never too late in the season to start. 

I met Kelley today through her postings on G+... and I'm glad I did.  It's an exciting time for the LPGA right now; with a newly minted #1 in Stacy Lewis and a wealth of fiercely competitive, ultra-talented players vying for the chance to dethrone her. Thanks to rising ratings the amount of television coverage the LPGA is getting is higher than ever ...and you've still got time to get in on the action for this week's Kraft Nabisco Championship! It's the first major of the 2013 season so a great time to begin. I'll be playing with both the LDG and the Golf Channel, though I must admit I have a terrible record at fantasy sports. You see, I tend to select my players based purely on emotion, and that's probably not the most effective way to pick winners. But when it works, it's awesome... and that's just my somewhat wacky methodology.  To see what you can do, sign up make your pics ... and good luck!

Ladies Dream Golf

Golf Channel Fantasy Challenge


  1. I had no idea there was fantasy golf for the LPGA! I'm really, really good at picking LPGA winners so I'm joining both for sure. Maybe we can get the gentleman from Ft. Liquordale to play! ;)

    1. Looking forward to seeing you at Ladies Dream Golf, ashgolf!

  2. Golf is much more exciting where there's a deep field as opposed to one dominant player. Though I'm a fan I wouldn't want to see Tiger dominate in the way he did a few years ago (don't think it'll happen) and I remember when Annika was so dominant that it got almost too predictable. I agree,the LPGA is in a great position to have an exciting 2013 season.

  3. Thats a great post. Glad i found you when searching for golf websites.

  4. Awesome blog! Do you know of any good golf courses in ottawa? Thanks!

  5. I keep picking Natalie Gulbis because she looks good in a bathing suit. Bad strategy? She didn't do so well last weekend?

  6. A great post, its always brilliant to see women's golf having the same coverage as mens golf.


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