The Most Definitive Guide to the Masters Pimento Cheese Sandwich Ever

photo credit: palmetto cheese sandwic                                 via photopin cc
Each year in early April, a simple sandwich consisting of basic white bread with a somewhat lumpy orange filling enjoys a week of uncustomary attention.

On the iconic green coattails of the historic golf tournament it's come to be associated with, the Pimento Cheese Sandwich rides into our collective consciousness.

No other golf tournament... as far as I know... is so closely associated with a food item as the Masters Tournament is with the Pimento Cheese Sandwich, and for that one week in Spring the two enjoy a mutually beneficial alliance that allows each to transcend its customary audience:  golf fans who've never set foot in Augusta... or anywhere in the southern United States... attempt to replicate this regional specialty in their kitchens, while foodies with zero interest in golf suddenly find themselves drawn into game's world by the hundreds of Pimento Cheese posts, articles, videos and television news features that appear each year at this time.

I've consumed much of this content over the years (not to mention quite a few of the soft gloppy sandwiches). This year however, I came upon what's probably the most definitive piece ever created on the yearly Masters/Pimento Cheese partnership.  It's well written, ultra-engaging and covers all you'll ever need to know.  The source of this comprehensive guide is, a relatively new entry to the golf media world, and one that's well worth checking out for great writing and unique perspectives.

Meanwhile I'm heading to the supermarket to pick up some ingredients... I've got sandwiches to make.