The Masters of Golf Infographics: Tiger Woods Edition

Remember the Masters data visualization challenge I mentioned a few days ago? Well, I haven't designed my own Masters Infographic... yet... but I have received several impressive submissions including the presentation above featuring World Number One, Tiger Woods.

It came to me today via sports betting communications consultancy Square in the Air, who designed it for Sporting Index , and while there's not a huge amount of data, the important stuff is all there.  And the design is very powerful. As it should be when the number one player commands so much of the media spotlight.

I'll present additional Masters Infographics as the week progresses and as they're submitted.  Hopefully I'll even come up with my own. In the meantime enjoy the continuing pageantry of Masters week.


  1. I hope we'll need to add another Masters win to that infographic come Sunday!

  2. I do think the attention being paid to Tiger Woods by the media right now is a bit disproportionate. It distorts the reality which is that no one person is that likely to win. Chances are the winner will be someone totally unexpected ... and that's partly because it's so hard to find coverage about anyone other than... well you know the rest.

  3. Have you seen this one from American Golf?


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