Champions Dinner 1952-2013: Infographic of Memorable Masters Meals

Dinner is Served, Masters - 20 Years of Menus from the Masters Champions Dinner

On Tuesday evening, the anual Champions Dinner will take place at the 2013 Masters Tournament.  As tradition dictates, the menu will have been selected by the previous year's winner; in this case, 2012 champion Bubba Watson, who has chosen to keep the contents of his selection under wraps till serving time, leading some to surmise that it might include a few... um... exotic regional specialties.

Well, we'll soon see if there's any substance to that speculation but in the meantime, I recommend you check out Masters Champions Dinner, an awesome infographic I received yesterday.  It features winner selected menus from the past 20 years.  BTW, you may not want to click on an empty stomach.