A 4th of July Weekend Dedicated to Golf, Garden & Garage

At its best, the 4th of July is the quintessential summer holiday. Saturated seasonal color complements the pure, primary tones of the US flag, while warm weather lends itself to outdoor activities of all sorts. That's the ideal, anyway.

Of course we've all lived through less-than-perfect Independence Days, because in reality, many parts of the country are subject to the possibility of heavy rain or extreme sweltering heat at this time of year. However it's the perfect ones we tend to remember. Fortunately.

Here in CT, 2013 has presented us with a 4th we won't soon forget.  Pretty close to classic, it may have been a tad too hot/humid for some, but after an extremely wet month of June, the past couple of days have been sunny and dry.

This fortunate turn of meteorological events has allowed us to put a dent in our perceived golf deficit - playing twice in three days will make up for those couple of golf-less weeks in June.  Unfortunately, we've also been running a bit of a deficit in the home and garden departments, thus numerous hours of digging in the dirt and a much-postponed mucking-out of our massive garage are also on the menu. Such pains pleasures of home ownership often sometimes make us consider the whole "downsizing to a condo" concept.  I can't dwell on that however as I fully intend to continue my weeding chores head to the course for a quick nine.


  1. Belated Happy 4th... have a great holiday weekend!

  2. I hope your weekend was fantastic - cant' believe it's Monday already! Have a great week.


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