"From the Rough": The Upcoming Film & The Amazing Story Behind It

"From The Rough" Help Support an Independent Film 
Golf is a game where unexpected trajectories have been known to produce surprising results.

Whether it be on the fairways and greens, or during the four day grind of a major tournament, that implausible errant tee shot, the putt that seems to defy gravity... those are the kind of things that can quickly lead to an unforeseen reversal of fortune.

Golf can change the path of a career as well. Such was certainly the case for the extraordinary Catana Starks who after working as a swim coach for the Tennessee State Tigers made history when she became the first woman ever to coach a men's NCAA golf team.  The story is all the more remarkable because Starks actually built the team herself, assembling what seemed like a motley group of players and transforming them into a winning force.  Her team secured an NCAA Regional Championship invitation and a Division I-record win the National Minority Championship.

So impressive are Catana Starks' accomplishments that her story has now been made into a full length feature film due to be released this year.  One look at the trailer (below) convinced me... and will probably convince you... that "From the Rough" is going to be a compelling, ultra-inspiring movie experience.

The thing is, even though the film is complete and ready to be released, getting it wide distribution and is going to be a challenge... as it always tends to be with independent films... because of the cost involved: over $1,000 to get it onto just one big screen!

To increase awareness and get "From the Rough" into as many theaters as possible, the producers have launched a funding campaign via Indigogo.  There are various participation levels, each with nice perks for funders.  Have a look at the campaign, and at the film's website. If you can't participate in the funding part, you can support the movie via social media.  Like, follow, friend, etc... and encourage your contacts to do the same.  Then watch for updates so you can see "From the Rough" when it comes to your town.

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  1. Looks like an excellent film. Unfortunately, these days if it doesn't have gratuitous violence, sex or vulgarity it's hard to get a film promoted. :(

  2. If I had unlimited funds, I'd put them in this film. I don't. So how can I help? The trailer hooked me!

  3. Elizabeth, the producers suggest supporting the film on social media... with links, posts, comments, would be helpful in raising awareness and basically getting the word out so that more folks will know about it, look for it and ultimately see it when it comes to their area. It does look like a great film. The story... which I wasn't familiar with before... is just amazing.

  4. Sean Foley (Tiger's swing coach) was one of the students on her team. She also coached some player now playing on the Euro tour. Very impressive, the whole story. I hope the film finds the funding to really make a go of it.

  5. what better recruiting promotion for GUYs than a WOMAN coach - right ?


  6. i don't know if GOLF translates in MOVIEs - my preference on GOLF stories is READing them - maybe PGwodeHOUSE was just too good painting pictures with words capturing emotions that i have YET seen a MOVIE except CADDYSHACK that puts GOLF in its proper light to the story itself

    i liked gatsby the book better than gatsby the MOVIE as well BUT when ROSEBUD was seen burning up in that fire with the paint peeling off from the heat that drove home the point such that words could not in that story

    then again MANY real life GOLF episodes you will personal witness or first-hand experience may not be explainable either in print or on screen - i can think of a dozen or so now that ONLY the players there at the time could possibly comprehend (like when the three of you watch the lone slicer sucumbing to dispair after fifteen rounds of futilie shots and decide to finally advise him on the sixteenth hole to simply AIM way left on the tee, then watch him hit a perfectly straight EXOCET MISSLE, on the unabortable flight path directly towards the large window of the main dining room of the luxurious boca hotel during lunchtime)

    anyway be well


  7. I happen to agree with Lisa S. It sounds like a really good movie and I just hope that it gets as much attention as it deserves rather than the other movies. Also, side note, I really enjoy reading your blog. You do a great job. Thanks so much for keeping me entertained.

    Mia | Golf Websites


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