A Legendary Golfer Will Dance With the Stars, Presumably in Purple

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He's the most successful European Ryder Cup captain of all time; an English golf icon with a passion for the game and a predilection for purple.

Tony Jacklin took the golf world by storm in the late 60s and held the British and US Open titles simultaneously in 1970. That remarkable achievement... along with his stellar Ryder Cup record... was an inspiration to a generation of European golfers and was instrumental in the growth of European golf.

These days the "Lion of Lytham" keeps busy designing courses.  He also actively promotes the game as a global ambassador, golf media personality and public speaker. And soon... it seems... the sprightly 69 year old will be demonstrating his hitherto unknown sense of rhythm in the popular British TV show Strictly Come Dancing, the original Dancing With The Stars.  

It may seem like a stretch to go from golf to ballroom dance but it's been done before.  Jan Stephenson did it on the Australian version of DWTS... she even used a golf club as a prop in one of her routines... but to no avail.  She was eliminated in the third round.   Tony Jacklin is certainly hoping for a longer run, and if his tenacity on the golf course is any indication he'll probably get it.  And it's a good bet he'll be wearing some purple.


  1. I just love your style of writing and your very good taste. Keep up the goog blogging.


  2. GOLF has always been populated by entertainment types including dancers for as long as the game is known to have existed


  3. The purple outfit Tony wore when he won the British Open is EPIC.

  4. I agree, the purple outfit is fantastic and it's not just the color either. People talk about Rickie Fowler dressing in a very distinctive way with his orange and other bright colors but besides bright colors, most of the golfers these days wear one style, a polyester polo shirts and a generic looking pair of trousers. It seems like there was much more originality in the old days.

  5. Well, there's my reason for watching DWTS again. Last time I watched was when Kirstie Allie was on it, so this should be fun. Besides, what else will I do when the cold winds start to blow?

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention!


  6. Purple is a beautiful color. I've noticed that golf fashion today goes with the trend. I've seen more clothing and golf accessories of different colors. The shoes goes best by a purple belt.


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