Epic Backyard Golf Course Has Eight Amazing Holes & A Sustainable Side

Personal putting greens are one thing; a small patch of land and a minimal investment are all that's needed for a basic green ...and installation specialists are relatively easy to find.

We even have a friend who installed his own putting green... over a long weekend. (while his golf-hating wife was conveniently out of town)

When it comes to backyard golf installations however, there are those that go way beyond the basic.  Earlier this year we wrote about some stellar golf homes in the Hamptons  but nothing I've seen there... or anywhere... can compare to the fantasmagorical golf paradise that renowned golf coach David Pelz has created at his home in Dripping Springs, TX. 

Wall Street Journal called it the world's greatest backyard and it's easy to understand why.  It's a lush, verdant landscape, spread across two and a half undulating acres and punctuated by sparkling basins of alabaster sand, and I'm guessing its beauty would impress even those with little interest in the game of golf.  For one who plays, there's the added awesomeness of a golf architecture... including faithful reproductions of some of the sport's most famous holes... perfectly suited to taking that all important short game to the next level.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about this epic golf environment is the fact that it's made entirely out of SYNLawn, an amazing, hyper-realistic synthetic turf that requires no water, fertilizer, pesticides or mowing.  The Pelz paradise has inspired me to think about installing a putting green in my yard. The idea of a beautiful, realistic, environmentally friendly practice area just steps from my back door is very appealing and with zero time spent on maintenance I'll have lots of time time to spend on my gorgeous green.