Today's Top 10: Vintage Golf Treasures You Can Own for Under $50

These days there's a massive nostalgia for the 20th century.  As a result, idiosyncratic objects once considered archaic and uncool, are reemerging from attics and basements.  Vintage artifacts from decades past are being coveted by collectors and sought after by those seeking to reconnect with what now seems a simpler time.

Golf, in a sense, came of age in the 20th century, and as a result it's not difficult to find a diverse array of fascinating items from the game's past.  Whether or not you'd ever want to bring them into your home, it can be comforting to know they're out there... and for those who are so inclined, golf collectibles can be quite accessible.  Check out my top 10 list HERE.

Golf Girl's Top 10 Vintage Golf Treasures

Vintage Clearfloat Golf Lighter      $36.50

10.  Like it or not, in the minds of many, golf and smoking go together.  Since the game began, cigars and cigarettes have been an enjoyable on-course accoutrement for numerous players, hence the plethora of golf-themed tobacciana and smoking collectibles. While ashtrays, cigarette holders and lighters with a golf theme are common, this vintage Clearfloat table lighter... featuring a tiny sand-trapped golfer encased in a clear lucite cube... is the cutest I've ever seen.

Vintage Golf Tee Cluster Brooch                $12.00

9. How do you carry those extra tees? I've got some great golf shirts that feature an on-sleeve tee holder... and precocious golf phenom Lydia Ko sticks tees into her hair.  However a better solution would certainly be this vintage golf tee cluster brooch.

Galloping Golf Dice Game                 $39.99

8. With winter just around the corner some of us will need to seek some indoor golf activities.  If you're lucky you have access to a golf dome or simulator; however, beyond that you may want to have Galloping Golf on hand. Made in the 40's it's a multi-chromatic collection of five bakelite cubes in a small leather case. Based upon your roll of the dice you calculate your golf score.  Right there in your living room.

Vintage Casper Comic Book   $28.00

7. Vintage comic books are a popular collectible and one of the sweetest characters to emerge from this pop culture art form is Casper the friendly ghost. I mean, he's adorable, right?  So, what if you could put your hands on a 60's era Harvey Comic with a golf-themed cover?  You can.

Vintage Caddy Boy Bottle Opener            $24.00

6. I collect barware so this caught my eye right away.  It's a figural bottle opener from the 40s. The silver-tone metal sculpture features a pugnacious-looking young caddy with a tartan golf bag on his back and a handful of golf balls. This caddy won't be able to help you out on the golf course but he can certainly open your beer for you.

Vintage Flour/Talc Golf Ball Marker           $10.00

5. Now this is something I've never seen before... and for some reason it delighted me.  Apparently it was an advertising piece for Robin Hood Flour and what it is is a kind of ball marker device composed of a plastic tube with a ball bearing on one end and a screw-off cap on the other. You fill it with flour (or talc) and simply dot the white powder onto the green to mark your ball. No more need to hang onto that old penny.

Set of 6 Edwardian Golf Spoons                   $35.00                

4. If you're nostalgic for golf's golden age you'll love this silver plated set of Edwardian spoons. Marked E.G.C. for Enfield Golf Club, each one features a tiny golfer in a small round medallion on its handle.

Vintage GolfOMeter     $45.00

3. A couple of years ago we named the GolfOMeter "golf gadget of the month" based purely on its retro-cool looks. We didn't actually know what it did or how it worked, but readers quickly informed us it was a pedometer, made in the 50s by the New Haven Clock & Watch Company. Turns out we still find it pretty cool.

Ralph Lauren Wooden Golf Tee Collection     $30.00

2. This elegant navy blue box features a gold crest and crossed golf clubs, and is filled with wooden tees in several preppy colors.  The stately set is vintage Polo Ralph Lauren. One can find several sets online, in varying conditions; however it's clear they're sought after, and I can see why. Now is probably a good time to grab one if you can.

Vintage WGA Press Pass   $45.00

1. These days a golf reporter's press pass is generally printed on paper, then laminated... or stuck into a plastic sleeve... and attached to some sort of lanyard. Well, believe it or not, back in the 40s some press passes were made out of sculpted metal... brass and chrome... and embellished with enamel. This one was issued by the Western Golf Association and I think it's pretty awesome.

These fabulous finds represent just a small smattering of the golf memorabilia out there... online or in antique shops...  just waiting for a nostalgic golfer to come along and resurrect it. We'll continue our hunt and we'll definitely let you know what we come up with.


  1. Amazing stuff! I especially love the Casper comic!

  2. The tin press pass is very cool. I'm partial to Casper as well.


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