GolfersLust: A Golf Themed Calendar... With "A Touch of Eroticism"

Sexy golf calendars have been around for a while.

Back in the (very) early days of this blog, Natalie Gulbis and Sophie Sandolo were each doing them, while a gaggle of Australian golfers collectively caused some controversy with their daring daybook.

Then, a few years ago, the craze seemed to fade; where sexy glamour shots once ruled, the focus shifted towards sportiness and... golf.  The traditionalists were probably pleased with this development, while fans of the sport's sensual side lamented.
These days however, it seems a carnal calendar renaissance might be underway; The Blair O'Neal Cobra Golf Swimsuit Calender came out this year, featuring the talented Symetra Tour golfer in a multi-chromatic collection of tiny little swimsuits.  Then just yesterday I was made aware...via German golf portal exclusivgolfen ... of a new and ambitious entry into the sexy golf calendar space.

Bavarian business partners Kerstin Maria Stretz and Helmut Grabowski are passionate amateur golfers and their goal with GolfersLust is to build a spirited and exciting golf lifestyle brand in a country where the sport is still perceived by many as... conservative, draconian and totally un-fun!

Inspired by the iconic Pirelli calendar... which for decades has enhanced the image of a venerable Italian tire manufacturer... Stretz and Grabowski were convinced that such a publication could help to sweep away the dusty perceptions many still have about golf.  So they assembled a team that included fashion photographer Ulrich H.M. Wolf and makeup artist Bettina Wolf... both well known for their work in the European fashion scene... and headed to Ibiza. A number of stunning models (and some top of the line golf equipment) were the final ingredients.

The result is GolfersLust, an elegant calendar with... in Stretz's words... "a touch of eroticism".  Golf is the theme, but I think it's safe to say, these photos transcend the game. Oh, the purists will not be pleased, that's for sure, but I don't think that matters much to the team at GolfersLust, they're too busy creating their singular golf lifestyle brand.  The calender can be ordered at the GolfersLust website. 


  1. That's more than "a touch" of eroticism if you ask me. I approve. ;)

  2. What I'd like to see is an Adam Scott calendar. With a touch of eroticism.

  3. Good for you for having an open mind! People need to relax...nice article.

  4. The way I see it this is just one more example of women being objectified not taken seriously which is very common in sports, especially golf. I think you're right, in the few years after the Tiger Woods scandal the golf industry, media and players stayed away from using racy ads, images and stories to sell golf and golf products but now it's back with a vengance. By the way what's with the Arnold Palmer and Kate Upton thing Golf Digest is doing. That to me is blatantly "selling golf with sex" or sexual inuendo. Also, am I the only one who finds it kind of creepy and gratuitious and NOT funny?

  5. Didn't some guys from the european tour make a risque calendar a few years ago? i think I remember something about that and the purpose was to get more young women interested in the game. I wonder how that went.

  6. ..............big breasts and / or long nails will prevent the required golf swing to be accomplished no matter what that woman is wearing for clothes / shoes etc................however, that doesn't prevent our charity golf tournaments from featuring stippers, exotic dancers and others such as liquour ambassadors, from joining in on the fun and games


  7. ......otherwise the GOLFERslust thing is tame when compared to typical GERMAN newspapers and magazines, the pirelli CAL has nothing on National Geographic, and as for swimsuits in general, i don't think golf has influenced the modern disappearing product that leaves less and less to the imagination and here in SOFLA all pretense to even having to use cloth is gone with the latest a water-proof latex liquid being painted on ........ whether this is demeaning to women i cannot say however i would add that i think women dress to impress OTHER women, not primarily men, so i consider myself an INNOCENT BYSTANDER


  8. I think it's a great idea, some of the most beautiful women in the world of sport are golfers.

    We need more of these!


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