FootGolf: A Global Game That Melds Golf & Soccer Makes Strides in the US

FootGolf Fashion - driving caps and lots of argyle       photo: Reuters (via IndiaTimes)
While golf purists may scoff and soccer fanatics may shudder, FootGolf... the innovative golf/soccer hybrid... has rapidly established itself as a legitimate sport.

With an international governing body, standardized rules and official associations in twenty countries, the blended game's appeal appears to transcend perceived barriers faced by the individual sports.

Organized FootGolf originated in the Netherlands with an exhibition tournament for professional soccer players.  It quickly spread from there throughout Europe and Latin America.

Founded in 2011, The American FootGolf League (AFGL) is the governing body for the sport in the US and is working to develop a structure to promote the game nationally.  California is currently the epicenter of FootGolf in this country with numerous courses and frequent tournaments in both northern and southern parts of the state. New courses are being certified and approved all over the country and the sport's appeal seems to resonate with diverse demographic groups.

I can only imagine we'll be seeing more FootGolf in the coming years,  globally and here in the US, as more courses open, and more potential players become aware of its existence.  All one needs equipment-wise is a size 5 soccer ball and indoor/turf soccer shoes making it simple to get started.

I'm hoping FootGolf comes to our corner of Connecticut soon.  It seems like an awesome way to expand one's sporting horizons.



  1. Bring it on! I might finally be able to beat my Italian nephews at something.

  2. I love this!!! I'm still learning (and struggling) with golf, but soccer added to it would be amazing! I think my game would improve tremendously;) I love the guy who pitched it over the sand trap, pretty cool. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love it! Great blog.

  4. It's a great Combine of Golf and it.

  5. That is a crazy new spin on golf! I think it could be fun! I found a great new website for ladies golf visors. I hope I can find a good one for foot golf!


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