Gourmet Golfers On-The-Go: PGA National Resort's Trendy Food Truck

The iTruck at PGA National Resort                                                                               Photo via

Mobile cuisine is not a new concept. In the US it's been around since the 19th century, when westward expansion led to the creation of the chuckwagon; a rolling kitchen, stocked with pots and pans and serving meals to cattle herders and pioneers.  The rolling wagons had little storage space and no refrigeration, so the fare typically consisted of something like beans and smoked bacon; cowboy cuisine was the only thing on the menu on the average American chuckwagon.

Lunch wagons and food trucks became popular during the 20th century, catering mainly to factory and construction workers, and serving a limited selection of sandwiches that were both quick and cheap. Gourmet cuisine was not even a consideration.

In recent years the humble food truck has become a bona fide trend, transcending the practical need for a quick bite and offering an array of options that include all sorts of ethnic and fusion cuisine, regional specialties and creative menus developed by renowned chefs.  These days food trucks are Zagat rated, and often featured at special events such as weddings, birthday parties, public gatherings.

A few weeks ago... Labor Day weekend to be exact... PGA National Resort & Spa in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, unveiled the iTruck, their own gourmet food truck featuring such specialties as Birdie Shrimp, PGA Pulled Pork Sliders and a signature PGA Burger. According to the resort's website:
iTRUCK will periodically serve as the “92nd Hole” for the resort’s five outstanding golf courses, cater local events and parties, and join major food truck expos and “invasions” throughout Broward and Palm Beach counties.

The iTruck sounds like an excellent addition to the resort's many stellar dining options, and a very trendy one at that. - •  •  •  For more information on iTruck, please call (888) 965-7674 or email


  1. The Lobster Truck here in DC has got to be one of the best food trucks anywhere. I'd love to see something like it on the golf course.

  2. I wonder if food truck girls are as beguiling as cart girls?

  3. yeah i saw this thing and inquired and its a low-tech low-cost promotional devise that in test marketing attracts a crowd and makes a positive impression and of course is mobile and therefore reuseable (which i guess also makes it eco-friendly and green)

    a moveable feast (and billboard attraction)

    i think a professor has scientifically proven a primordial response traced to ice cream trucks as the basis of humans liking food trucks


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