Help Fund "The Founders", The Inspiring Story of the LPGA's Pioneers

The time has come to tell this story.

It's the story of a defining moment in women's... and sports... history; a tale of thirteen brave, talented and charismatic women who collectively created the first women's professional sports association: the LPGA Tour.

As we await the start of the 2014 LPGA season... a season that'll feature 32 official tournaments and over $56 million in prize money... it's hard to imagine the challenges these founders faced in the early 1950's as they struggled to bring women's professional golf to a "place of sustainability".

It's a compelling story on so many levels and now, finally, documentary film is in the works to tell it.   Through archival photos and footage, period reenactments, and interviews with the four remaining founders, the film will recreate a mid-century America that was full of promise, but still very restrictive for female athletes. It will also highlight the distinct talents and personalities of those 13 brave founders united by their love of golf and their conviction that women had a place in it.

Of course it's enormously challenging to fund an independent film and bring it to the public, but thorough a Kickstarter campaign launched by the production company, Eleven 11 Films, you can help make it happen.  To that end, I urge you to join me in backing the film by making a pledge.

Pledges start at just $1, but there are some nice perks for contributions of $10, $25, $50 and $100 dollars and some wonderful ones for increments beyond that.  It's all outlined on The Founders Kickstarter page.  The campaign only lasts for the next nine days so make your pledge as soon as possible, it's time to make this movie and honor the legacy of The Founders.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing! That's fantastic that the story is going to be told; I can't wait to see it! I'm heading over to Kickstarter now...

  2. Many thanks Bre!!! I can't wait to see the film either, it's amazing what the founders had to go through to get the LPGA Tour off the ground.

    Also, I really enjoy your blog, and look forward to reading in 2014.

  3. I love the part when the announcer guy is trying to be serious with the female golfer and then all of a sudden looks down at her body and says "what a charming outfit!"

  4. That part WAS funny! But it must have been SO grueling for the Founders to have to travel such long distances by car and caravan, then have to set up the course and administrate the tournament, AND THEN compete. They were certainly passionate about the game and I'm sure the film will be awesome.

  5. success in any SPORT must give the audience a narrative of the competitors and the outcome cannot be predictable - even american men's golf did not blossom until arnie had nicklaus to fight it out with, but it did have ouimet and others as interesting golf events in newspaper PRINT as a basis of drama up until golf on TV came into the living room........what the LPGA needed back then was a NELLIE BLY type build-up of women golfing protagonists going on to lead into TV..............without that foundation of interest the LPGA was passed by for other more familiar entertainment sources and has never caught up

    just sayin


  6. It seems like the LPGA is currently on the right path. The film's funding campaign seems to be working well too Good stuff.


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