Little Linksters Seeks Kid Golfers With Great Swings for Annual Contest

It's back again... for the fourth straight year: The LittleLinksters' Best Pee-Wee Golf Swing in the World contest.  And it's time to get those videos in.

The annual International Kid's Swing Video Contest is open to boys and girls from anywhere in the world, as long as they're 8-years-old or younger.

All that's needed is a quick video... less than a minute long... with a couple of views of the golfer's swing.  Parents and instructors can get all the specifics on how to make and enter their kid's video at The LittleLinksters Pee Wee Golf Swing Contest Webpage.  But... time is of the essence. All entries must be posted by January 15th.

The 2013-2014 contest will feature an impressive panel of celebrity judges and stellar prize packages will be awarded to golfers in four age categories. Winners will be announced at the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando between January 22nd and January 24th.

Below is the ultra-impressive compilation video from last year's contest.  I'm guessing this year's Pee Wee swings will be equally stellar... and the competition just as fierce.  Good Luck!

3rd Annual Little Linksters "Best Pee Wee Golf Swing in the World" Video Contest from Little Linksters, LLC on Vimeo.


  1. Amazing! Is it my imagination or do they get better each year?

  2. These kid's really awesome! Impressive! Maybe from here then, we can now determine the future Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Adam Scott etc. So cute! :)

  3. Looks like there's quite a bit of talent out there and I get the feeling most of these kids don't need to be prodded to practice. One just has to hope that these kids can continue to find affordable support and opportunities to compete.

  4. The First Tee and LPGA-USGA "Girls Golf" programs are great affordable introduction to golf for kids. However there needs to be a "Recruit a Billionaire / Philanthropist" (golf enthusiast) in each medium to large size city that will create a "non-profit" that will fund a program that will get the kids that show a GREAT amount of desire to be really really good, even great ! (BURNING DESIRE!!!) (regardless of socio-economic level of their families) on the course to play each other (at low low cost or nearly free) over and over again in matches and tournaments over and over again so these kids get 'battle tested' and this type of program will produce many good players. Golf will be an Olympic sport in 2016 and once that happens the Chinese (especially junior programs-look now!) will aim at nothing but the top. If the U.S. wants to grow the game and produce great golfers much of the aforementioned MUST be enacted and SOON !!!! If a lower middle class and or poor kid knows there is a way to climb the ladder to success (not to mention possibility of golf scholarship at college level) we may find another Lee Trevino or Calvin Peete. The part of the puzzle that is crucial is getting kids(with burning desire to be good) onto the course and compete against each other to hone those skills of competition) The driving range and The First Tee program is very very good, but great players are made on the course in competition not beating thousands of balls on the range.


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