Replacing Those Random, RagTag Covers With A New Set of Golf ClubSox

A couple of weeks ago... with the prospect of some halfway decent golf weather finally making its way to CT... I decided to get my clubs out for a basic inspection. After this epic winter I wanted to be sure I'd be ready to hit the course on the first playable day.

The fact is, my equipment is in need of some updating an overhaul.

I've been "upgrading" over the years, but in a rather haphazard way.  Despite my intensive exposure to all kinds of golf products, I've never put the requisite research into equipment for my own evolving game, nor have I had the club fitting I know is key to getting the most out of whatever I do eventually buy. That's something I'm committed to doing in 2014, but that's another story... one for a bit later in the season.  For now I just want to get out, and get my fledgling game back in gear. --- MORE -->

So, I ventured into my garage... which had taken on aspects of a fortress during the brutal winter... and there behind the snow blower, lawnmower and carefully stacked patio furniture, were golf bags; My husband's pristine, perfectly arranged Callaway staff bag dominated the space, next to it were a couple of somewhat less spectacular sets we keep for guests, and finally, there was the beckoning smile of the maneki-neko on my whimsical Qgroove bag. I got it way back in 2009 but it's somehow managed to retain its new-bag luster year after year. This year, however, my beautiful bag was looking a tad bit... bedraggled. Not the bag per se, but the random, ragtag collection of club covers that emerged from it.

Over the past couple of seasons I'd managed to mislay my matching set of covers one-by-one, grabbing whatever I could find to replace them.   My woods and hybrids wore hand-me-downs in a motley assortment of colors and styles, but worst of all was the cagey-looking canine that covered my driver. The provenance of this cigar-smoking, poker-playing pup was a bachelor party in Vegas. Enough said.  I realized my clubs needed new threads... STAT.

So it was beyond serendipitous last week, when I heard from the folks at Golf Clubsox.  They produce a distinctive collection of multi-chromatic knitted covers for drivers, woods and rescue clubs they asked me to try out this season. In addition to their stylish stock items, they offer an awesome option that allows you to design your own covers and customize your bag with your own choice of patterns and colors.  So I hopped onto the Golf Clubsox website and created my design in minutes. I then placed my order, and am now looking forward to receiving my sox. I've been told that from receipt of order, it'll take about two weeks for the custom knit covers to arrive, so I should be receiving them by later this week, which should be perfect. We got another dusting of snow last night, so that golf weather is still a few days off, but I have a feeling I'll be able playing by next weekend and I'll be sure to let you know how I like my Golf Clubsox.



  1. As they said on Laugh In, "Sox it to me." (or was that, "sock it to me.") Anyway- hope you are well. Nice April Fools a day early when a dusting of snow became three inches.

  2. Ducks, did you have to remind me of Goldie Hawn in that psychedelic jumpsuit? Yeah, knitted covers are old school & old school is the best. ;)

  3. Really cute, and I hope you are able to get out for golf very soon!!! Enjoy your first game!


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